Welcome to the website for singer/songwriter
Chris Shields
Welcome to the website for singer/songwriter Chris Shields
 2016 download single 
exclusive to this website

2016 download single exclusive to this website

''Here is James Taylor meets Carole King. It's elegant, melodic and timeless, light, lyrical and relaxed, genuine feel-good music. '' 
- Sue Cavendish (Net Rhythms)

''There is no-one quite like Chris and if you have yet to hear him sing - then you've missed out on someone very special. He's a writer like no other and his delivery and passion take one on a journey of emotions which touch the soul and heal the heart''
- Hermione Hennessy - Singer/Songwriter

'' What can I say? I like it. Your voice is strong and has good presence.
There is a James Taylor influence, even John Martyn
but so what, you're in good company.'' 
Gilbert O'Sullivan - Singer/Songwriter

''Playing and singing superb and marvellous musicianship.
I hear more Loggins & Messina than James Taylor. Great music you're making here Chris.'' 

Stuart Epps - Producer (Elton John & Led Zeppelin)

''Never ever go to Nashville 'cause when they hear your songs
they'll never let you leave''

Paul Samwell Smith - 
Producer (Cat Stevens & Carly Simon) & Yardbirds bassplayer

''Reminds me very much of James Taylor. I like it very much'' -
Russ Titelman - Producer (Steve Winwood & Eric Clapton)

''You have for me been the master of melody'' -
Clifford Adams - Singer/songwriter (formerly Clifford Davis - Manager of Fleetwood Mac 1967-1974

'As good as it gets - I love everything about it and shall play it to death''
- Gordon Haskell - Singer/Songwriter

''Checked out your music Chris and it sounds real good. I like your changes and melodies''
- AJ Croce - Singer/Songwriter

''I really enjoyed listening to your voice. Well written catchy songs, the musicianship is excellent'' - Mary Black - Singer/Songwriter

''You are a great songwriter. I love your stuff'' -
Mark Feltham - Harmonica Maestro 9 Below Zero

''Like the album, man, with the rock'n'roll and the country stuff.
Well done.''

- Dave Cash - DJ BBC Radio

"You've got a nice sound there. Congratulations" -
Liv Taylor - Singer/Songwriter

''Chris Shields is the all round pleasure bringer" - Classic Rock Society

''A damn good album (Haunt Me) and one day the world will wake up to that fact''
- David Lashmar - Beanos's Record Store Owner/music expert/valuer and raconteur

Lovely songs and vibe. Well done'' - Brendan Power - Harmonica Maestro

''A cross between Gerry Rafferty and Jim Croce'' - Ron Cayless

''Sounds amazing. I love how you're bringing more rock'n'roll
and country into the music''
- Rob Knaggs

''Brilliant music'' - Kate Passant

''Chris at his best'' - Sue Parker

''Chris' voice has a silky sound that is more evident than ever...his best album yet.''
Anna Jones

''Fantastic!! I love it'' - Chris' Mum

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