Book (pbk) Christianity: A Modern Historical Perspective
  • Book (pbk) Christianity: A Modern Historical Perspective
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Religion Before Christ; The Old Testament; The New Testament; The Birth of Christianity & Questions of Faith. This book is written to help any person brand new to the church. It covers basic information to gain a general understanding of Christianity, covering the history as well as the Gospel and Bible stories. About life before Christ with Judaism and the Old Testament. About Jesus and the New Testament and just how his coming really did change everything for everyone. In this book I try to answer all the questions I first had when I started attending church. What is the eucharist? Why recite all those old creeds and who wrote them anyway? Why all the robes and ceremony? From the early church in Jerusalem to the Roman Empire when it embraced Christianity. To the Reformation and the split from Rome. And how can the Bible, written thousands of years ago, be able to give comfort, strength, hope and faith to someone living in today's society?

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