About the music

''Here is James Taylor meets Carole King. It's elegant, melodic and timeless, light, lyrical and relaxed, genuine feel-good music. '' -      Sue Cavendish - Net Rhythms

"As good as it gets - I love everything about it and shall play it to death'' - Gordon Haskell - Singer/Songwriter

"Never ever go to Nashville 'cause when they hear your songs they'll never let you leave'' - Paul Samwell Smith - Producer       (Cat Stevens & Carly Simon)

"I like it very much'' - Russ Titelman - Producer (Steve Winwood & Eric Clapton) 

''Chris Shields is the all round pleasure bringer" - Classic Rock Society 

'' What can I say? I like it. Your voice is strong and has good presence.  There is a James Taylor influence, even John Martyn but so what, you're in good company.'' - Gilbert O'Sullivan - Singer/Songwriter 

''There is no-one quite like Chris and if you have yet to hear him sing - then you've missed out on someone very special. He's a writer like no other and his delivery and passion take one on a journey of emotions which touch the soul and heal the heart'' - Hermione Hennessy - Singer/Songwriter  

''Playing and singing superb and marvellous musicianship. I hear more Loggins & Messina than James Taylor. Great music you're making here Chris.'' Stuart Epps - Producer (Elton John & Led Zeppelin)  

''A damn good album (Haunt Me) and one day the world will wake up to that fact'' - David Lashmar - Beanos's Record Store Owner/music expert/valuer and raconteur  

''You have for me been the master of melody'' - Clifford Adams - Singer/songwriter (formerly Clifford Davis - Manager of Fleetwood Mac 1967-1974)  

''Checked out your music Chris and it sounds real good. I like your changes and melodies'' - AJ Croce - Singer/Songwriter  

''I really enjoyed listening to your voice. Well written catchy songs, the musicianship is excellent'' - Mary Black - Singer/Songwriter  

''You are a great songwriter. I love your stuff'' - Mark Feltham - Harmonica Maestro 9 Below Zero  

''Like the album, man, with the rock'n'roll and the country stuff. Well done.'' - Dave Cash - DJ BBC Radio  

"You've got a nice sound there. Congratulations" - Liv Taylor - Singer/Songwriter  

"Lovely songs and vibe. Well done'' - Brendan Power - Harmonica Maestro

Music Albums

In Another Time album 2022

Be Myself album 2013

Sky Turn Blue album 2001

In A Melody album 1998

Haunt Me album 1993