1. You Are Loved

From the recording You Are Loved

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A brand new original digital download single.
Chris Shields - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Bass/lead guitar
Alle Pearse - Keys
Dylan Howe - Drums
Daniel & Amber Shields - backing vocals
Mixed/Mastered by Andy Le Vien at RMS Studios
Cover art created by Andy Nash.


You Are Loved
(Chris Shields)
You are loved
God loves you
You are loved
It’s the greatest love you’ll ever feel
His free gift you’ll get by faith
You’ll be justified and freed
And when the Son he sets you free
Yes you are loved
God came to this Earth
In the person of his Son
Jesus, he gave himself
Substituting for us
Experience God’s love and feel transformed
With a total and unlimited forgiveness
It’s his instant justification
Partitions in-between us now gone
Son of God who loves us
Shame & guilt he’s taken
He liberates, forgives
Power of sin is broken
He opened up the way into his kingdom
And the story here well it ends well
As the resurrection really was a victory
No mistake but his masterstroke